Yeah it’s been ages since I’ve been on this blog. I’ve just been so busy with the house, crochetting, writing, and well life.

But I just had to spare some time to help support a few friends who just published a book on the amazon kindle.  What the Fantasy

It’s a pretty funny parody comic. Anyway, they put a lot of work into it and it’s great. I’m proud of them and just wanted to brag.

Anyway, if you have the time check it out. Maybe you’ll laugh as much as I did.



It has been ages!!

Let’s see, since last I posted we have moved out of our basement apartment and into our new home (though it isn’t new, but new for us).

Here is what our house looked like when we moved in:

The Living Room


The Dining Room


The carpet is hideous.  It is stained and gross and it is the same icky blue carpet through the entire house.


Plumbing issues here, plus our fridge was a big headache to clean and fix the fan inside.  Lots of wasted food ><

The Laundry Room


Plumbing issues in here too due to a large water softener system that was broken.

The Master Bedroom


Hubby started painting right after we closed on the house.

The Master Bath


These wallpapered panels make me nauseous.


Toilet problems in here

The Library


My Craft Room (or future kid’s room) and guest bath


More plumbing and toilet problems in here.

Future Baby’s Room/ Niece and Nephew’s Room/ Guest Room


Tv Room


It took us about 4 days to move all of our stuff to the house.  Since then we have had our major plumbing issues fixed.  Our master bath toilet is okay (will have to maybe work more on it later).  We still need to fix our guest toilet.  I need to get a washing machine.  I have been hand washing all of our laundry.  Takes me over an hour to wash and rinse it all out.

Here is what we have accomplished so far.


we painted the master bedroom and tore out that stained blue carpet and began to install some laminate.


Kodi is liking the new floor.

I must say home renovation is really stressful and results in hubby and I grumping at each other and me saying everything from “you butt,” to “you’re rat poop!”  (seems the house was the home of mice and even squirrels before be bought it.  Vacuumed up lots of acorns.)

But we’re still determined and every morning we’re still smiling


On the move up here, Kodi decided to lay on my shoulders as I drove the 1 hr and 30 minutes to get here.

Insanely Happy

I just had to share.  And no, I am not making this up!

Hubby, Kodi, and I took a walk today and as we were walking up the street a car drove past, stopped, then made a u-turn and came back.  The car pulled over next to us.  There were two young men in the car.  The man driving leaned out the window and said, “Are you Johnny Depp? We would like your autograph.”

We told him “no,” and he drove off.  Oh how I wished I would have said Hubby was Johnny Depp!

I was so insanely giddy after this, I think I drove Hubby nuts for the rest of our walk.


We made it safe and sound to Indiana!  Yeah!  Kodi did very well on the plane and he seems to be doing well with the move.

Sorry I didn’t post, we have been busy getting settled and doing some house hunting.


More will come later.

My Hubby was being very secretive the last couple of days saying he spent a lot of money on something.  When I asked what it was, he replied “A hooker.”

At first I was totally shocked, he had never once made such a joke to me before, so I slapped him.  Well it wasn’t a hard slap in the face, just a tap.  It was a joke after all.  But it was hard enough to let him know I didn’t appreciate such humor.  After realizing it was something for the both of us, I continued the joke about the hooker.  Every text message he received, I asked snottily (but in a joking way, Hubby says I am too sweet to ever be mean and snotty), “Is that your hooker?”  Every phone call, “That must be your hooker again.”

Turns out the surprise was new wedding bands.  They are a gray band with gold on the sides.  My Hubby is the best, even if he did make a rotten hooker joke.  Seriously he really is the most perfect man!

So we still aren’t packed.  Actually at one point we were packed, but for whatever reason Hubby has unpacked everything and has left it scattered about the living room for about two days now.  I think he is having all these Eureka moments or something and has to try out all of these “brilliant” ideas on how to re- and re- and rearrange all our stuff so that everything will fit “just right” inside our luggage.  I love him.  I trust him.  Just it gives me so much stress putting things off to the last minute.  “JUST FINISH ALREADY!!!”  I feel like all I do is nag.

Okay, just now I had to vacuum out the air of a space saver bag and as I stood there sucking out the air, Hubby was punching all the lumps out of the bag.  When all else fails, using your fists always solves everything.  :/

Now that suitcase is .4kg over weight.  At this point I wonder if we are going to be ready to even head to the airport tomorrow.

Not only am I freaking out about my luggage, but I am just being driven crazy.  Yesterday I thought it would be fun to take a shower with my puppy.  Yeah, as I was filling up the tub, I thought “oh he will like to play in the water.”  But no, he was scared and so I bent down to pet him and hug him and when I stood up I rammed my lower back into the faucet.  Now I have a painful goose egg.  Needless to say, I am now waddling around all hunched over.

During some careful sleeping (couldn’t really move without hitting the goose egg), Kodi woke me up because he was throwing up.  I then spent the rest of the night worried about him and how he will do on the plane.

*Hubby just checked the price for extra luggage and apparently the airline has increased the prices…Just great, now I guess we have to re-pack yet again and possibly leave things behind.

So Hubby is getting ready to go see his grandma, leaving me here to stress about the luggage (he says he will call the airline later)  LATER!  LATER!  There is no time!!!  AHHHHHH!  (I am totally too stressed)

And you know the worst thing?  I have no Coca Cola!

And apparently, according to my mother-in-law, I am not allowed to watch TV and be on my laptop at the same time, so I have to say goodbye to Iron Man 2.  I feel so crabby at the moment and am afraid I am going to start showing off my crabbiness to my Hubby.  I can’t ever show my crabbiness off to my mother-in-law because I am quite terrified of her.  She may be shorter than me and older, but I have no doubt that if she wanted to she could take me out.

I just need to breathe.  I need to calm down.  I am sure everything is going to be okay.  I really want to be back in Indiana, munching on some Tombstone pizza, breathing in that nice clean air, and swiping some chocolate from my grandmother’s candy jar.  Right now I could use a big hug from my grandma, but I have to wait at least 50 some hours for that.   Probably more… or less, my math sucks.

We have 4 more days in Korea.  I am not sure if I am happy or sad.  Probably a little bit of both plus an uncontrollable fear of flying.  I thought after the first three or four times, I wouldn’t be scared anymore.  But no, I still get scared when the day of flying approaches.

I am almost finished with tutoring.  I have a student on Friday and one on Saturday.  Saturday’s student is my favorite.  I have taught her the longest.  ^^

I finished tutoring my little kids.  Their last day was Wednesday, so I bought a lot of snacks and we played some games.  Before I left they handed me a heart shaped card that says “I Love You” on the front and back.  Inside the card they each drew a picture of themselves and a picture of me and “boy teacher” (what they always called Hubby)

From left to right there is sweet, beautiful soul Grace then good natured Jessica, and cute Sera.  Up above is Clark.  As you can see, the girls are a little bit more advanced then he is.  LOL

Toward the right is Me (don’t know which one of them drew me) and Kodi, and next is Hubby.  He totally doesn’t look that clean cut.  He is more hobo Johnny Depp… well actually he got his hair trimmed and styled a bit, so now he is more fancy hobo Johnny Depp.


Cute right?  oh right, can’t read Korean?  I will translate.

Teacher thank you for teaching us these last 7 months.  When you go to America stay healthy.  Because of you we are good at English.  When you go to America be happy and live well.  Teacher thank you for teaching us with a smiley face.  We love you.  Teacher learn Korean. 


The parents bought me and Hubby a gift too.  I got a box of different types of socks and Hubby got three pairs of dress socks.  I hope they didn’t buy it because they noticed I wore the same white and yellow socks a lot or that Hubby’s socks always have holes in the toes because Kodi loves to eat them. ><  For some reason my socks (and my favorite strapless white bra) go missing here.  Well I guess it is a good thing, cause now I have a bunch of new socks.

We tried to finish up all our packing today.  At the beginning of the month,  we sent all of our books by boat (who knows when they will get to America).  And today Hubby tried to mail all of his paintings (did I mention Hubby is an artist?).  Just now he came into the bed and said “What the~~~.”  It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about.  I thought he had drank something bad, since he did have a mug in his hand.  But after some looking around, I realized he had forgotten to send one of his paintings.  Whoops.

We spent the rest of the day trying to get all my stuff to fit into my suitcases.  After hours of sighs and the many saying of “Mandoo!”s and removing some more of my clothes, I think we finally managed to get everything to fit.  I just hope those space saver bags hold.  There will be a terrible explosion should they fill with air.  I also hope my balls of yarn pop back to normal after I open their bag.  And my poor shoes!  Hubby wrapped them tightly with bubble wrap.  They are all squished and shoved into my luggage.

We also spent a while removing all the batteries from 30 door and window alarms (we buy in bulk) because we were afraid they might accidentally turn on while on the plane.  We put all the little button cell batteries in a baggy.  Later, thank goodness, Hubby was packing everything and happened to touch the baggy.  It was hot.  Guess when you put a lot of those batteries together they heat up.  Geez, can you image if our suitcase had caught fire?  All my clothes!  Needless to say, we then spent some time putting all those batteries back into the alarms, and Hubby taped all the switching so they couldn’t move.

We still have a little bit more to pack, but I think we have everything in order.  I hope…

My mother-in-law attacked me today.  I had the hiccups really bad and Roman and I were in the living room.  He was on the floor and I was standing next to the couch.  For some reason I turned and caught my mother-in-law rushing toward me with a smile on her face.  When she saw me looking she stopped and for some dumb reason I turned to look at Hubby and in that second, I felt a big thunk against my back and I was knocked onto the sofa.  As I lay on the sofa dazed and shocked.  I hear her laugh and ask (I am only guessing) if my hiccups were gone.  They were… but in their place was a dull ache in my back T_T

What did I learn from this?  Never ever break eye contact with your mother-in-law (or any wild beast) because believe me the hiccups give her a good excuse to hit you.  It’s every mother-in-law’s dream to hit their daughter-in-law.  Next time I get the hiccups, I am locking myself inside the bedroom where it is safe.

Well that’s about it for now.

I’ll just leave you with the greatest discovery of all time: spinkles!  Seriously they are the best!

I just needed to post this.  As you all should know or have guessed, I love pizza, so when I saw this I laughed so hard it now hurts to move my jaw.  Yeah!


Anyway enjoy.

Origins of Pizza


Now if you laughed as much as I did, then you know it is only a joke.  However, some of us may take this as fact and be really ticked off like this guy.